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Our Story

Life is Too Short...

In the UK, Justin was a director of a successful architectural practice and Michele owned a bridal boutique.  We lived in a lovely home but felt that work was taking over life.  In addition, we cherish our children and we wanted to spend more quality time with them while they still tolerate our presence!!


We both felt that a change of lifestyle should be on the cards and that the time was right, given the age of our two children (3 and 1) to go for it - after all, LIFE IS TOO SHORT!!

The Dream...

Although many Brits may move to France with 'the easy life' in mind (and why not!), we are in fact hoping to achieve a slightly different goal.  We are not afraid of hard work and actually relish a good project to get our teeth into.


We hope to provide guests with the perfect backdrop to their holidays, provide our children with a fantastic setting and opportunities to grow up happy and ultimately to achieve the dream...


The Move...

Originally from Somerset in England, we made the move out to France in late 2018  .Although we did a whole host of research online into properties, areas and other sensible considerations, we found our dream home after viewing only 9 other properties whilst on a 2 week holiday in the Charante Maritime! 


We fell in love with Melle, with its everyday bustle, friendly locals, beautiful contryside, architecture and history and its location - not too far from anything!  Be it sea, city, airport or ferry, Melle was in a good spot!  Add to that the fact that the weather in the area was the second warmest in France, after the Cote d'Azure and we were won over!